Delivering a Strategic Platform for a Leading Insurance and Retirement Solutions Provider

Jul 25, 2018 posted by Kellton Tech Media Team under Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, Financial Services, Python, WebSolutions

Online Insurance is a tricky business for senior citizens. The necessity of completing a dozen formalities, largely confusing and monotonous, puts the elderly in a tight spot, and the slow back-office processes further test their patience. Our client wanted to leverage digital offerings by creating an intuitive website that facilitates Medicare enrolment for seniors and expedites the insurance enrolment processes. We integrated, tested, and implemented various components of the website, including centralized CMS and Backend Services, to transform customer experience and help them stay competitive.
Insurance BFSI


●     Absence of a dynamic Medicare portal for seniors

●     End-to-end support for simplifying Medicare

●     Lack of customer support


●     Robust and scalable website solution

●     Bespoke user interface

●     Mobile responsive site for cross-platform experience

●     Superior data security and quality assurance


●     Full-functional website with clean UI

●     Improved support and user security

●     Widened customer reach

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