Manual, paper-based checklists and audit processes resulted in business complexity.


Developed an automated success routines platform for streamlined workflow and audit management via digital checklists.


Accelerated process timelines; ensured faster audit and compliance

Key Challenges

  1. Restaurant chains are kicking the tires on automation and achieving value at scale. Our client, however, was yet to realize its true transformative power. Since employees filled in checklists for facility, inventory, and shift management manually, the chances of missing out or erring on daily routines were high. The speed and reliability of outcomes were not up to the mark either. 
  2. Task validation activities were hand-operated across all the verticals. As managers created, viewed, and validated the tasks manually, measuring the real state of operations was cumbersome and error-prone. 
  3.  Traditional, paper-based audit processes were a roadblock to ensuring quality, accuracy, and compliance at the speed of the market. 

Our client is the largest fast-food chain in South Africa. With an outlet count standing at 900, the brand has a sweeping presence across the country and serves the population some of its favorite fast-food delights at keen prices.

Our Solutions

We built a high-performing and responsive digital success routines platform, incorporating the latest technologies and UI/UX elements, to optimize restaurant operations management in a bottom-up approach. Not only did it offer all aspects of automation—allowing employees to punch in vital operational details regarding housekeeping, facility maintenance, and shift management on digital workflow checklists as they come and go—but also allowed business visibility and detailed process analysis through a simple, graphical dashboard. Further, in order to have a proof of data being recorded, we integrated a high-end camera functionality to capture on-the-job images for real-time mapping of operations and accelerating the speed of monitoring by managers. 

Task validation was no longer a redundant, high-touch process. The new system was integrated with a digital signature facility that helped managers verify the tasks electronically and ensured far reliable validations as a signer. The feature also helped our client save on costs and time with crucial documents signed off in a push of a button. 

The new platform helped our client in capturing the next, low-hanging fruit of automating audit and reporting processes on an enterprise scale. We implemented Management Information System (MIS) module to help managers record, view, and track performance metrics across multi-level checklists and ensure strategic process benchmarking with no errors or latencies in decision-making. Accurate assessment and learning of the systems further encouraged the most effective, swiftest compliance. 

Business Benefits

  • Digitized paper-based checklists for a boost in productivity 
  • Accelerated and streamlined operational timelines
  • Sparked trust and transparency
  • Enabled accurate performance audit and reporting
  • Helped maintain compliance with industry standards

Client Testimonial

“We appreciate the innovation and attention to detail Kellton Tech brought to the project. There were hurdles along the way, but through leadership and the right attitude for challenges, Kellton Tech made this project a success.” 

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