Greenfield implementation

Greenfield Implementation Transforms US-based Logistic Company Holistically

Building new models of efficiency is a business requirement that’s urgent as well as risky. It involves complete takedown of legacy codes; an approach that drives huge disruption. For many organizations, Greenfield Implementation has emerged as a go-to solution that alleviates the risks of starting from a clean slate. 

Case StudyOur client, a leading freight transportation enterprise in the United States, was in a state of efficiency logjam due to their legacy IT. Challenges, such as poor scalability, system latencies, and heavy maintenance costs, were constraining the organization’s ability to effectively compete. Moreover, these legacy systems had also impaired the quality of fleet management and freight bill auditing. 

Our client was apprehensive about cleaning up their legacy systems and starting afresh. To do this, they needed a partner fully onboard that could execute Greenfield Implementation with a vision. Kellton Tech, a leading digital transformation company, partnered to help them come of age and boost their bottom lines with pure innovation. 


-    Existing legacy IT slowed down processes and posed scalability issues
-    Aging fleet management systems hindered passenger service and efficiency
-    Manual auditing of freight bills resulted in errors and poor management of cash flows

Our Solution
  • Transformed legacy systems into actionable assets using Software AG’s Terracotta, Universal Messaging, and Centrasite
  • Deployed robust fleet management and enterprises content management system for improved route-to-route monitoring and tracking
  • Delivered an automated vendor billing system for swift, simplified, and error-free freight auditing
Business Benefits
  • Accelerated service lines and business functions
  • Increased efficiency across all verticals
  • Simplified auditing and improved financials
  • Enhanced customer experience

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