Obsolete legacy systems posed scalability challenges and straitjacketed growth; outdated onboarding, rating, and other fleet management systems hindered process efficiency; labor-intensive billing processes spoilt the quality of book-keeping


Modernized legacy IT using Terracotta, Universal Messaging, and Centrasite; deployed extensible fleet management, ECM, and rating solution for end-to-end efficiency and smoother operations; enabled a fully automated vendor billing audit


Increased efficiency; improved cost control; enhanced customer experience; rejuvenated growth

Key Challenges

  1. Our client wasn’t able to leverage their existing footprint owing to the mission-critical nature of operations. Most systems were in use for years and lacked scalability to meet the current needs. This resulted in reduced efficiency and increased maintenance costs, thereby impairing the growth value.
  2. Legacy IT was yet another growth kryptonite. Obsolete systems caused latency issues and made it difficult to track and maneuver the fleet. The poor quality of fleet management led to inordinate delays in service timelines, which consecutively impacted passenger experience and brand loyalty. The homegrown rating system wasn’t able to handle huge amounts of data. The risk of data entry errors was also high.
  3. The existing processes of auditing bills were manual and labor-intensive, which is why, our client was struggling to cope with increased volumes of freight bill audits, and unable to focus on other strategic priorities.

Our client is a US-based freight transportation solutions provider with an impressive fleet of over 7000 trucks and 30,000 trailers, operational across a network of 200+ terminals in 50 states, the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico. Focused on fulfilling its commitment to delivering interstate trucking while adhering to eco-friendly policies, the company has witnessed meteoric rise in the last 80+ years of functioning and been ranked among the top 25 carriers in the world.

Our Solutions

Kellton Tech collaborated with the client to provide full-scale support for upgrade and modernization, and decided to adopt the Greenfield approach. We began with providing the initial set of frameworks that included handling, logging, and reusable services, and implemented a solutioning model aimed to support and integrate invoice printing initiative. Later in 2016, we enabled key integration across core functional areas, such as Billing and Freight Bill Audit, and helped our client in achieving standardization across their multiplicity of systems. We also facilitated legacy modernization to 36 Node Production Environment using Terracotta, Universal Messaging, and Centrasite, which was instrumental in improving efficiency and reducing downtimes. At present, we are modernizing its IT landscape through APIs, Cloud, and DevOps Adaptation.

We also designed and implemented an intelligent fleet management solution to facilitate end-to-end vehicle tracking with a focus on performance, routing, safety, and compliance. Outdated DP systems were replaced with a robust Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, which provided a scalable document capture system capable of keeping pace with our client’s burgeoning market demands. Further, we deployed a high-performance enterprise customer pricing solution, which proved significant in automating pricing programs.

Business Benefits

  • Increased agility and efficiency across fleet operations
  • Enhanced scalability to add new digital layers
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced maintenance and ownership costs
  • Achieved vertical, future-proof growth
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