High-Priority Integration Upgrade for a Global Financing Firm

Jan 22, 2019 posted by Kellton Tech Media Team under SoftwareAG

System upgrades may sound no sweat, but honestly, they are tough to swing at. Why? Because they aren’t about replacing the obsolete technology layer with advanced versions, but require a calculative approach with configurations that sit well with the existing scenarios and prompt enterprises to chase down the next set of growth frontiers. 

Our client attended the siren call of modernizing its integration solution timely and collaborated with Kellton Tech to plan out an efficient upgrade. Synchronizing IT systems while minimizing the disruption was a tough sail, but we managed to glide through by delivering robust configurations that met business needs. 


  • Obsolete integration solution hobbled growth
  • Poor workflow management proved detrimental to efficiency
  • Rise in operational silos triggered scalability issues and impacted service


  • Implemented webMethods integration solution version 10.1 
  • Deployed a thoughtful blend of configurations to fine-tune IT bottom lines
  • Enterprise-wide support and service management reinstated


  • Integrated IT channels resulted in seamless efficiency and data exchange
  • Increased visibility, led to decisive planning, improved response times, and optimized workflows
  • Improved agility and customer experience
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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