Integration Drives the Future of Retail for a Global Leader in Branded Merchandise

With system integration in action, the future of brick and mortar retail holds great promise. Enterprises are now effectively riding over agility, scalability, and collaboration hurdles as they move from local to global, all thanks to integration that has ensured seamless IT connectivity and delivery. 

However, our client despite operating in 32 countries worldwide lacked the IT architecture required to meet the customer demands at such a wide scale. The reason was their poor and faulty integration solution that stifled workflow consistency and hamstrung order management timelines. 

Our client stood at a standstill, which wasn’t an option in an industry where competition enters from all sides. We collaborated with them to define a winning strategy to end-to-end integration and help them come up to speed with the future of retail.


  • Faulty integrations were proving a bane for workflow efficiencies
  • Order management processes were in distress, hampering customer service
Our Solution
  • Remedied faulty integrations by implementing webMethods triggers and streamlined workflows
  • Deployed a future-driven retail system by combining Integration Server, MWS, and Trading Networks as webMethods solutioning components
Business Benefits
  • Streamlined end-to-end IT performance
  • Shortened order processing and management cycles
  • Improved agility and enhanced customer service

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