Intelligent Enterprise Service Bus Solution for a US-based Public-Utility

There’s a huge clout and clamor about gaining competitive advantage by delivering the best standards of customer experience. As hackneyed it might seem, it’s the bottom-line to do the winning. Despite such assertion coming, there’s only a fraction of companies, which focus their energies on improving customer experience incrementally. They continue to rely on sluggish, latent, and manually-driven legacy systems, which don’t come up to the speed. 

Our client is the second largest public utility in Florida and was embroiled in a multiple service-related issues, costing them dearly. They were encountering excessively long turnaround time frames, frequent downtimes, and system failures, which impacted their services and brought discredit to its name. The payment gateway was also dated. Kellton Tech stepped in with its deep-domain expertise to facilitate legacy modernization, leverage customer deliverability, and chart out a path to digital success. 


  • Sluggish, obsolete systems causing productivity slumbers and poor turnaround schedules
  • Functional silos impeding seamless operations and collaborative decision-making
  • Amateurish, incompetent payment getaway triggering transactional hurdles
Our Solution
  • Smart, fully-integrated Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solution to accelerate service timelines and multiply productivity
  • Data-driven, end-to-end process integration for neutralizing silos and energizing value chains
  • High-performance payment getaway for safe, secure, and fast transactions
  • Novel IT landscape to spur a digital change and maximize growth investments
Business Benefits
  • Increased productivity due to digital-ready systems and processes
  • Delivered superior customer experience owing to shortened service and engagement cycles
  • Ensured hassle-free transactions through top-notch payment gateway

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