IoT-based Smart Energy Management Solution for a Global Specialist in Energy Management and Automation

Jan 18, 2019 posted by Kellton Tech Media Team under Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, Mobillity

At a time when energy drought is a bigger concern, the need for decisive energy management and the urge to show moderation are indispensable than ever. Solar is a clean, efficient, and renewable source of energy, and there’s no question about it. However, the lack of a one-in-all online platform to buy and sell solar panels and make them more accessible to customers is the biggest impediment to large-scale solar energy adoption.

We have to give it to our client for their forward-thinking approach to come up with the concept of an end-to-end platform for facilitating deployment of solar rooftop panels in the shortest time possible. With an online solution, they also wanted to control intermediaries to muscle into their sales network for an extra buck. Kellton Tech collaborated with the client in the drive and created a secure, fully integrated, and configurable smart energy management solution to ensure seamless customer experience and stay ahead of the curve.


  • Absence of an online platform to support the sale of solar panels
  • Lack of a direct channel to reach prospective customers
  • Excessive intermediary control resulting in poor sales


  • Smart, configurable energy management solution for fast and efficient customer communication
  • Innovative features, like Solar Calculator and AI-enabled weather app, integrated
  • Robust backend to track and monitor leads
  • Consolidated sales network owing to system transparency and vigilance


  • Achieved fast and frictionless growth with differentiated solar offerings
  • Improved communication between company and customers
  • Augmented customer experience
  • Improved sales by 50%

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