Complex legacy architecture; lack of omnichannel reach; no data insights


Implemented new APIs to integrate OTT platforms with legacy systems; built and deployed a high-end digital mobility solution for omnichannel expansion; created a dashboard for real-time insights


Unlocked IT scalability; increased brand reach; increased sales and ROI; improved the decision-making capability

Key Challenges

  1. Integration with legacy systems is a problem for over half of the businesses today. Since these systems are old and inflexible, they are difficult to integrate with new technologies and endanger business growth. Our client’s business situation had turned into the same functional quagmire. Their legacy architecture was excessively complex and couldn’t keep up with the evolving business challenges. Adding new digital layers without disrupting the core was next to impossible, which resulted in lack of business scalability, stalled growth initiatives, and increased maintenance costs.
  2. With no digital mobility solution, our client’s ability to stay ahead of the curve was under threat. This inability to serve customers with the ease and speed of mobile resulted in poor market sentiment and crippled growth.
  3. Absence of a dashboard solution was also an issue. Without real-time data insights, our client lacked visibility into processes and made ineffective decisions.

Our client is one of the largest MSO and telecommunications companies and an early adopter of digital transformation in the industry. With a huge subscriber market share and operational revenues shooting up in millions, the company continues to lead in the space of cable and broadband services and retains its competitive edge in the market.

Our Solutions

Our client’s legacy ecosystem was enormously complex. Bringing it up to speed was critically important to their ongoing success. They pushed the agenda aggressively and collaborated with Kellton Tech for their legacy integration needs. We began by analyzing the whole IT topology and decided to add new digital layers without ripping the core bottom lines. An API layer was deployed to introduce a set of over-the-top (OTT) platforms to the ecosystem, which facilitated the onboarding and management of new and existing customers.

 Brand outreach in the ever-evolving mobile markets was a top priority for the client. Keeping in mind their objective, we laid out an extensive roadmap and built a high-performance mobility solution to ensure on-the-fly customer engagement. Our new offering delivered 100% uptime in system availability and best-in-class customer experience while providing personalized content across all channels.

Transforming into a business that used real-time insights was also a part of the deal. We deployed a turnkey analytics solution, which unlocked a consistent, real-time view into processes and helped our client harness its power for smarter, more informed decisions. Within weeks of its implementation, it became absolutely seamless to capture and monitor business-critical data and use it in real-time for sustainable business planning.

Business Benefits

  • Delivered a two-fold jump in subscriber market share
  • Improved customer experience
  • Boosted revenues while ensuring significant costreductions


Project Outcomes

100% Uptime

500k+Registered users

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