Legacy modernization and integration

Building Core Systems to Empower Growth for a Real Estate Company

Legacy system modernization was the need of the hour, and today, it’s a norm. Those, who adapted to change, have emerged victorious and are now leading the new blood of digital enterprises with force. 

Our client, a UK-based real estate agency, was facing an existential risk. Their core system, supporting over 95 percent of mission-critical operations, had turned obsolete and became slow to recognize the rising expectations. It restricted third-party integrations, which impacted the company’s chances to forge new alliances and seamlessly engage with the existing ones. Underutilization of data and regulatory compliance was another pain area. 

A full-scale revamp was a clear solution. However, disrupting such a critical core legacy system was tricky. A minor disruption could bring the company to a halt. Understanding the gravity of the situation, the client engaged with Kellton Tech for enabling legacy modernization and integration. We solved the challenge with our expertise and experience in finding new avenues of growth. 

The project is one of the largest system overhauls based on the latest Microsoft .NET technology across the UK.


  •     Traditional, non-scalable legacy core system that hindered business efficiency
  •     Lack of smooth third-party integrations
  •     Data within enterprise silos
  •     Ever-changing regulatory environment
Our Solution
  • Enabled legacy modernization by delivering an extensible platform based on Microsoft.NET 2 Core technology 
  • Implemented API connectivity to support third-party integrations
  • Delivered intelligence through aggressive data migration
Business Benefits
  • Improved efficiency and output
  • Ensured business growth
  • Accelerated business planning

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