Omnichannel Boost to Enable New Markets of Scale and Efficiency

Omnichannel Boost to Enable New Markets of Scale and Efficiency

Global enterprises need to act with agility while building CI/CD pipelines with DevOps in order to bring business and operations team together on tasks. The practice is best described as a ‘concrete behavior’ focused on automating software releases, improving code quality, and delivering updates faster. 

Our client, a fast-growing multilevel marketing company, clung to their distributor-driven direct selling model until they faced a large number of challenges. With no business clout in the online space, the company wasn’t able to cater to a demographically diverse audience and was experiencing a flat growth. Reaching the ‘last mile’ of the customer journey wasn’t possible with the existing traditional sales methodologies in place, which eventually impacted the quality of customer experiences. 

In addition to these, the lack of modern enterprise systems was also a bottleneck that hindered business scalability and put our client’s expansion plans at risk. High transportation costs were also creating a cash burden. 

The situation was a catch-22, and adopting omnichannel model seemed an ideal turnaround strategy. Our client partnered with Kellton Tech to create high-performance digital mobility and omnichannel roadmap and rebuild their image as a brand delivering real-time, context-driven customer interactions on the fly. We also optimized and automated CI/CD pipelines with DevOps while complying with lean principles and infused agility across the software development workflows for competitive results.


  • No brand penetration in the online retail space
  • Monolithic business systems
  • High logistics costs
Our Solution
  • Enabled agile IT by replacing monolithic with agile microservices architecture 
  • Optimized CI/CD pipelines with DevOps as managed services
  • Enabled an offline to online transition
Business Benefits
  • Improved speed-to-market
  • Enhanced customer experience 
  • Boosted sales
  • Reduced transportation costs 

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