Omnichannel Customer Experience through an API-based Engagement Model

The perennial improvements in technology have opened more channels of communication than ever before. The secret sauce for enterprises to ensure maximum engagement is to go omnichannel with an agile engagement model and be readily available each time a customer communicates.
Our client was quick to notice where the tide is turning and sought a complete makeover of their engagement model to attract customer-led growth. Apart from solving communication latencies, the client wanted to integrate their disparate IT infrastructure, which was posing efficiency hurdles. Their transactional processing system was also in a fix.

All in all, the client needed an agile engagement model built using breakthrough API-led technologies of today. They partnered with Kellton Tech to tame their haphazard workflows and optimize performance for competitive advantage. 


  • Traditional engagement models restricted customer growth
  • Disintegrated IT weakened service efficiency
  • Outdated transaction processing system resulted in payment hassles
Our Solution
  • Deployed an API-based agile engagement model based on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform
  • Enabled high-performance integration based on Software AG’s webMethods
  • Streamlined transaction processing using Software AG’s Universal Messaging Platform
Business Benefits
  • Enhanced B2C communications and quick market expansion
  • Improved operational efficiency and faster time-to-market
  • Secured transactions mitigated payment hassles

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