Inventory Management System for Seamless Business Operations

The Food and Beverage industry in the US is growing frenetically—with users at 5.1% and revenue at 20.1% respectively. However, the restaurant and the bar owners are still following conventional approaches to handle operations. Accucode, our client, thought of adding the digital transformation taste to their operational delicacies to augment customer outreach, spur growth, and maximize profit. We helped them design and build a technology roadmap, facilitating client’s digital journey and achieving restaurant business operational excellence through robust inventory management system in real-time. 


  • Fragmented business environment clouded decisions and confounded functions
  • Lack of real-time connectivity, visibility, and accessibility festered operational inefficiencies
  • Existing system did not support customizations as per changing process requirements
Our Solution
  • Centralized inventory management system boosted operational excellence
  • Converged business endpoints and stakeholders at one platform
  • Real-time visibility, connectivity, and remote accessibility ensured seamless business workflow
  • Technology-led governance model helped in prioritizing tasks and ensuring optimum resource utilization
Business Benefits
  • Integrated technology platform supports instant identification and elimination of process bottlenecks
  • Predictive analysis, besides real-time and automated inventory reporting, boosts decision-making ability of the management
  • Convergence of endpoints and stakeholders helps in reducing the turnaround time

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