Manual catalog management process; no personalization of search results; data silos


Implemented an SAP CX-based catalog management system for automatic creation of new product listings and optimization of existing ones; enabled SOLR search functionality; created a single view of data by centralizing information


Increased productivity; enhanced customer experience; reduced latency in decision-making

Key Challenges

  1. Automation helps enterprises become increasingly efficient and drive agile outcomes. Our client, however, was struggling with overly complex and inflexible manual catalog management processes. Implementing new product listings was a challenging and time-consuming process. 
  2. Existing systems were unable to produce personalized search results based on user intent, frustrating customers and hindering sales.
  3. Internal systems were growing in silos, eroding our client’s ability to monitor underlying processes and make informed business decisions. This resulted in poor efficiency and stunted growth at a global scale.

Our client is one of the biggest discount tire and wheel retailers in the US. Operating over 1038 stores in 35 states and generating revenues worth $7.2 billion, the company has a strong industry footprint and is viewed as a model of excellence in customer service.

Our Solutions

Coming to terms with their operational challenges, our client was searching for a partner to help them modernize their legacy systems. Kellton Tech was taken on-board as the digital transformation expert of choice. We vetted our client’s existing workflows to identify spots of opportunity and delivered a high-performance catalog management system based on SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX). A vast repository of tools, reusable components, and frameworks were leveraged to create a solution that could help our client deliver differentiated service. The system not only simplified catalog management and offered the scalability of updating product listings on the go, but also made it quicker and easier for customers to search for the desired products through easy navigation and predictable shopping triggers across the buying journey. Other key features of our brand-new catalog management system were advanced media conversion, image extension, customized search type-ahead functionality, automatic rendering of the product category page, and taxonomy-based search functionality on queries. 

The new SAP CX-led system also facilitates data governance. It unifies data lying across functional silos and creates a single source of truth for the enterprise, simplifying real-time reporting and streamlining the analysis process. The new centralized data management architecture enables our client to scale up and down, on the fly, while reaping benefits in terms of improved efficiency, accelerated speed-to-market, and seamless customer service. 

Business Benefits

  • Streamlined workflows and accelerated time-to-market
  • Improved search quality
  • Optimized customer experience
  • Boosted digital conversions and sales
  • Reduced TCO
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