Lack of system integration; restricted data access; no system for mitigating workflow exceptions


Lack of dashboard view into data insights was a hurdle to effective planning. With no enterprise dashboard in place, our client couldn’t access condensed data on the company’s performance.


Increased efficiency and effectiveness; enhanced customer service; faster payment processing and reconciliation

Key Challenges

  1. Ensuring seamless data exchange between IT systems is of critical value to achieve efficiency across operations. However, our client lacked capabilities to streamline data delivery, which hindered their ability to manage business workflows smoothly.
  2. No dashboard to uncover data insights was a hurdle to effective planning. With no enterprise dashboard in place, our client couldn’t access condensed data on the company’s performance at fingertips and plan the future course of actions. This hampered the quality of decision-making.
  3. There was no support system for handling process anomalies and workflow exceptions. As a result, business process management was always exposed to operational risks, which couldn’t be tracked and averted off. This was a stressful business situation to be in.

Our client is a global medical technology company with expertise in advancing medical discovery, diagnostics, and care delivery. With a prolific account of business partnerships and an enviable network of 40,000+ associates spanning across 50 countries, our client has been a formidable force in addressing the most challenging global health issues effectively. With 1500+ mortgage servicer clients, an annual turnover touching millions, and a commitment seeped into the essentials of insurance, the company stands out as revolutionary.

Our Solutions

We worked closely with the client to address the business-critical requirements of Engineering, Architecture, Design, and Development aspects. Our team created a common framework based on Software AG’s webMethods integration suite and Cloudstreams functionality, which was further bolstered by Gateway and JDBC Adapter configurations. This well-thought-out combination of capabilities enabled seamless data integration between SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications and other on-premise applications in the company. The solution reduced heterogeneity within our client’s IT ecosystem and ensured operational agility and scalability.

We deployed an intuitive dashboard solution based on Software AG’s Mashzone Nextgen, which streamed data in the form of interactive, easy-to-understand mashups. This helped our client in swiftly evaluating a wide range of internal and external data and deriving insights for analytics-based business planning. The new dashboard module proved a strong step in facilitating workflow management, service delivery, decision-making, and customer delight.

Our implementation of a robust error handling and notification solution helped our client achieve exception handling capabilities.The solution helped them define, trap, and respond to exception occurrences at run time, both internally and externally, thereby, ensuring consistent IT throughput. As a result, the IT support teams were empowered to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues when required.

Business Benefits

  • Improved system integration and achieved seamless IT operations
  • Increased agility and scalability to address future integration needs
  • Provided data aggregation and analysis for strategic planning
  • Delivered sustained performance through adept exception handling
  • Delivered ROI and growth benefits

Project Outcomes

100% Integration achieved of critical SaaS applications with on-premise application landscape

100% Improvement in transactions visibility

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