Scalable Enterprise Data Management Solution for a Medical Technology Company

Mar 19, 2019 posted by Kellton Tech Media Team under Health, SoftwareAG

The success of most enterprises today is largely powered by enterprise data management (EDM) technology. This digital-driven methodology provides enterprises with a solution to effectively aggregate and retrieve data, and apply it further for end-to-end operational governance. 

Our client, a US-based medical technology company, was facing twin challenges of disorganized data and non-integrated IT systems. This made them walk into a dead-ender. Inefficient data access impacted system-to-system communication and sent both internal and external processes into disarray. The existing processes impacted productive capacity and go-to-market time. 

An urgent course correction was sought, and our client collaborated with Kellton Tech to mitigate the bottlenecks. We built and deployed a robust enterprise data management (EDM) solution to help our client come out from their existing state of growth distress and achieve efficiency required for the competitive world. 


-    Lack of data exchange and dashboard view for insights
-    Fragmented IT chains
-    No support system for exception handling


-    Deployed a robust Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution
-    Upgraded integration solution based on Software AG’s webMethods
-    Implemented an agile exception handling and notification solution


-    Achieved seamless data interoperability 
-    Improved efficiency and business planning
-    Consolidated workflows 
-    Accelerated go-to-market times
-    Increased error differentiation

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