Simplifying Large-scale Upgradation for a Leading Insurance and Financial Services Provider

Jun 04, 2018 posted by Kellton Tech Media Team under Financial Services, SoftwareAG

A Fortune 500 diversified insurance and financial services provider wanted to accomplish a large-scale Software AG webMethods environment upgrade with ease. Our team of professionals helped them accomplish it and enabled them to achieve company-level compliance using Kerberos authentication. We also deployed a command center that helped them manage future updates and upgrades.


•        End of maintenance of their current 9.7 webMethods environment

•        No out-of-the-box support for Kerberos

•        Lack of a single platform to support and manage various webMethods environments


•        Upgraded to 9.12 webMethods

•        Established a command center


•        Access to the latest features and vendor support for the webMethods environment

•        Company-wide compliance using Kerberos authentication

•        A single centralized platform to manage and maintain the new webMethods environment

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