Smart Integration of Heterogenous Systems for a Leading Cruiseline

Digital Disruption is the latest buzz word. It pronounces a rapid and radical change for enterprises that are willing to capture the vast opportunities today. Between this fizz and fizzle, most enterprises have also realized that adopting new IT isn’t enough to overtake competition on the digital superhighway. Its integration is what matters incredibly too.

CruiselineOne of such enterprises was our client—a cruise line—with operations spreading across the sea. They quickly caught on to the fact that they needed integrated IT systems to pull the plug on five critical growth issues—supply gaps, data silos, communication hassles, poor planning, and bad customer service. Kellton Tech collaborated with the client to deliver an integrated solution that brought disparate IT systems working in tow, enabled data exchange, and boosted efficiency.


  • Disjointed IT systems hampered operational efficiency
  • Poor data delivery resulted in ineffective, delayed system-to-system communication
  • Creation of data silos restricted planning and analytical growth
Our Solution
  • Implemented an integration solution based on webMethods integration suite
  • Deployed an intuitive dashboard solution for accessing data insights 
  • Reused assets while using simple, efficient design principles for effective IT delivery
Business Benefits
  • Connected end-to-end IT and improved fleet management
  • Increased efficiency and business performance 
  • Enhanced decision-making with insights and agility
  • Reduced risks and maximized cost savings

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