Enterprise-wide legacy systems made it difficult to compete efficiently and develop a strategic plan for the future


Modernized legacy systems by enabling an API-first strategy; replaced legacy account receivable and account payable system with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud; implemented Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud


Optimized supply chain processes; boosted service timelines; accelerated data value and security; enhanced administrative control

Key Challenges

  1. Enterprises that consistently revolutionize their approach to IT innovate and grow in a sustainable way. However, our client’s growth ambitions were hindered by the use of outdated legacy systems that were unable to respond to growing market pressures and inhibited innovation.
  2. Existing account receivable and account payable systems were legacy-driven and created operational headaches when it came to keeping track of bills and processing payments. Obsolete and manual accounting processes disturbed cash flows and opened up the possibility of human error.
  3. Our client’s on-premise human capital management solution wasn’t aligned with the market standards and impeded administrative performance. As a result, HR timelines were lengthy and inefficient.

Our client is a US-based marine solutions, energy, and logistics company with a consolidated global presence. Established in 1892, the company has revenues measuring in the billions, employs a workforce of over 5,300, and offers services with its fleet of more than 300 vessels.

Our Solutions

Our client required a complete overhaul of their IT strategy and wanted to adopt new technologies that could inject agility, efficiency, flexibility, and security into their workflows. In light of these objectives, we devised a legacy modernization and integration strategy based on MuleSoft’s API-led connectivity to ensure a best-of-breed IT environment. As part of our solutioning, we built several new point-to-point integrations while tuning-up the old ones, leveraged APIs to enable new models of efficiency, and deployed reusable assets across multiple business verticals.

Further, bearing in mind that MuleSoft isn’t compatible with Hadoop Connector, we built an ingenious Phoenix Connector using industry’s best practices to support all configuration parameters. With its integration with the MuleSoft suite, our client was able to solve integration complexities by a considerable notch.

We replaced our client’s existing legacy account receivables and account payable system with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud. With an automated accounting solution in place, redundancies were eliminated, payments were accelerated, and accountants were able to easily access data from a single, standardized interface. Security gaps were also addressed using Oracle’s strong security protocols to protect sensitive user data.

Our team also implemented Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud to help our client rationalize global human resource practices, drive cross-department collaborations, and ensure compliance needs. The solution catalyzed HR service timelines, pushed the envelope of innovation, improved scalability to create headroom for emerging requirements, and saved costs.

Business Benefits

  • Improved business agility and innovation
  • Accelerated service timelines
  • Unlocked data value
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Decreased costs


Project Outcomes

Project Outcomes
Over 1000 Tenders/week automated
1.25x faster Impementation of API-led integrations
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