webMethods Integration Upgrade

Integration Upgrade and Data Visualization Shaping the Future of Business

Technology has been sweeping the entire industrial landscape. To survive disruption, agility is important; an ability to adapt, change and succeed in a rapidly transforming environment.
Our client, however, was facing a similar agility crisis. The reasons were many. Firstly, their integration solution was obsolescing, which dismantled IT connectivity and created supply gaps. Secondly, their visual analytics software was traditional and delivering muddled data insights, which hampered end-to-end performance. Lastly, the state of data security was weak and hurting the business reputation.
These reasons were bogging down our client’s growth ambitions. They needed a strong solution that could help them move from a fragile to an agile state. Kellton Tech, in an effort to surcharge business value creation, provided webMethods integration upgrade and immersive data visualization capabilities. 


  • Obsolete integration solution was plaguing value chains
  • Incompetent visual analytics software resulted in improper insights
  • Weak security environment left business dangling in danger
Our Solution
  • Enabled webMethods integration upgrade for end-to-end business connectivity
  • Delivered immersive data visualization experiences by deploying data insights dashboard solution based on Software AG’s MashZone NextZen
  • Implemented Software AG’s ActiveTransfer to restrict external access to the company’s file systems and servers 
Business Benefits
  • Improved IT efficiency 
  • Streamlined data gathering and consolidation process
  • Increased end-to-end visibility and provided decision-making capabilities
  • Enhanced security through limited and safeguarded access to documents

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