Centralized Management Of Software AG Suite Of Products Using Command Central

Sep 29, 2016 posted by Siva Subrahmanyam Chavali under SoftwareAG

Administering and monitoring the SAG Product suite of components by accessing multiple environments and various integrations on Premise or Cloud environments is challenging and time intense. 

In this webinar, Kellton Tech presents its more than a decade of sophisticated experience in IT Enterprise Integration solutions, management of environments with observed challenges and applied solutions to better manage IT environments using webMethods Command Central. 

In this session, we will explore: 

* Challenges with administration and management of multiple products and environments in Small / medium / large scale ESB platforms. 

* How Command Central addresses above challenges? 

* Features & Capabilities of Command Central 

* CC Installation Procedures. 

* CC - Demonstration of Various use cases.

Speaker: Siva Subrahmanyam

Date: Thursday, September 29, 2016

10:00 Hrs CDT
08:00 Hrs PST
11:00 Hrs EST
15:00 Hrs GMT
20:30 Hrs IST

Duration:1 Hour

Registrations Closed


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