DevOps Maturity and Automation: Building an Agile Enterprise of Tomorrow

Tune in to hear our webinar where our experts share valuable insights on how you can assess the maturity of your enterprise DevOps ecosystem and automate CI/CD pipelines to transform customer experiences.  

Some of the points covered in the session are: 

  •  Strategies to determine the current state and maturity of DevOps framework
  •  Technology roadmap for DevOps automation
  • Enabling DevOps automation using FlexDeploy, a leading CI/CD platform from Flexagon
  • Understanding DevOps automation in Software AG’s webMethods using FlexDeploy through a real-time demonstration

What is FlexDeploy Platform & Why We Chose It?

FlexDeploy is a comprehensive, integrated, and open DevOps platform from Flexagon that fosters automation across CI/CD pipelines to orchestrate more agile, efficient, and seamless end-to-end software development processes. 

  •  Benefits: Crowds out manual; high-touch manual processes; reduces errors and outages; drives visibility and continuous feedback from all aspects of software development and delivery; optimizes performance; and lessens costs. 
  • The USP: FlexDeploy is relevant to every application and environment the modern enterprises use. The platform offers plugins to support integration server automation needs with more straightforward configurations.

FlexDeploy offers a customized plugin for Software AG’s webMethods, which is why we are using it for our demo.

Watch the Session: 

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Know Our Speakers

1.    Varun Tummala, Senior Manager – Digital Integration 

Varun Tummala is a Senior Manager, Digital Integration at Kellton Tech. He is an enterprise integration expert who delivered several data integration solutions and platforms for supply chain, healthcare, insurance, consumer electronics, utilities industry clients. With over 17 years of experience, he is passionate about helping solve complex customer challenges with innovative technology advancements.  

2.    Nandini Pobbati – Integration Architect

JayaNandini Pobbati, aka Nandini, is a Senior Consultant, Digital Integration at Kellton Tech. She is an integration specialist having 13+ years of experience in webMethods and Oracle Middleware Fusion. She provided integration expertise to a broad range of industries, including Utilities, Healthcare, and Aviation.