Digital 3.0: Enabling Continuity in Times of Change

4:30 PM IST

In our webinar titled Digital 3.0: Enabling Continuity in Times of Change, our experts—Amit Grover, VP-Sales, Kellton Tech and Laher Ajmani, VP-Pre-Sales, Kellton Tech deliberated over the right digital transformation strategy that can lead enterprises to post-pandemic recovery. 

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the scale of disruption to an acme level. Most C-level executives, process owners, policymakers, and employees are actively deploying digital technologies across every domain to operate at the speed of the market. However, without a blueprint, it’s difficult to de-risk business transformation. Leaders have a few examples of strategies that have worked better, or worse, but identifying the best one remains challenging. 

During the session, our experts shared insights on: 

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the global business landscape
  • The rise of digital as a combative force against disruption
  • The approach behind leveraging the crisis to build resilience
  • The checklist for successful digital transformation for rapid recovery

About Our Speakers

  •  Amit Grover, VP – Sales, Kellton Tech

Amit Grover is a seasoned IT professional with a high degree of experience in defining growth-ready digital transformations for global customers of all sizes. Being well-versed in concepts around digital and market dynamics, Amit has helped several customers drive innovation and scale competitively with a user-driven focus. 

  • Laher Ajmani, Associate Vice President – Pre-Sales, Kellton Tech 

Laher Ajmani excels in delivering enterprise-grade solutions for a diverse range of business requirements and uses the best solution approaches to empower clients with cost and efficiency benefits. As an adept digital transformation specialist, she provides techno-functional inputs to various initiatives involving legacy to conventional systems.