How to avoid IoT Pilot Pitfalls in Industry 4.0 adoption

Time: 1 PM BST

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Join the webinar to learn from our experts how to avoid the pitfalls in developing a business case for IoT and IIoT pilot projects. Learn and understand the core elements of IoT and IIoT systems and how to apply them in your Industry 4.0 adoption. 


As the Industrial IoT landscape develops POCs and Pilots are quickly becoming essential first steps. Organisations are realising just how important it is to be have real-time insights throughout their entire enterprise. From shop floor applications to safety inspections and fleet management, real-time business decisions and insights are transforming industries around the globe. It is more important than ever to ensure you are set up for success, not only to avoid “Pilot Predicament”, but to scale effectively throughout and deliver results. In this session, we will explore Industry 4.0 objectives, common challenges and, most importantly, how to avoid them. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How to develop a strong business case for Industry 4.0 objectives
  • Understand the elements of IoT and IIoT systems and where to focus your PoCs
  • How to effectively scale IoT/IIoT solutions to make a good ROI
  • How to avoid the pitfalls and common challenges in these early stages


Our Speakers:

Ram Kanumuri – Vice President, Emerging Technologies at Kellton Tech

Ram is an enterprise technology evangelist and advisor based out of Dallas, TX. He got his start in digital integration more than a decade ago creating enterprise level integration solutions and platforms for retailers, distributors, oil & gas, energy, utility firms, insurance and financial institutions using commercial technology from vendors such as Software AG, IBM and MuleSoft. He is well known for his techno-functional expertise and value that he brings to our customers when developing solutions to complex business and industry problems