IBM Blueworks Live - Model and Improve your Business Processes

Business processes and decisions are the backbone of every company, from small to the Fortune 50. It is these processes and decisions that can create competitive advantage, helping the company react more quickly to changing trends. The processes can also drag the company down if they do not serve the business with agility. The first step in building business agility is to understand how the business works today, what are the processes, what are the decisions we should take, and how should we take them. Understanding these processes and decisions can enable a company to improve, streamline, and increase efficiency.

IBM Blueworks Live provides a single, shared repository where all the stakeholders can find a single version of truth about any process. It facilitates successful process improvement projects by enabling all the users in the process improvement team to be aligned to the process goals, problems, and areas of improvement. IBM Blueworks Live directly integrates with IBM Business Process Manager so that documentation of the business processes are implemented, run, and optimized.