In-depth Analysis of Successful SAP Hybris B2B Implementation – Project Plan & Governance, Part I

A successful implementation of SAP Hybris can increase your customer base, open new channels of revenue, accelerate operational efficiencies, personalize the user experience, and improve your branding and marketing efforts. But, conducting a successful implementation, on time and within budget is not as easy as it may seem.

Critical Considerations:

Do you have the right people, experience, and methodology?

Do you know how to structure the right team and tools to handle the inevitable roadblocks you’ll encounter during implementation?

Is leadership on board ready for a proactive culture shift to break down communication barriers and get everyone up to speed with this groundbreaking technology? 

Technology expert and Vice President, Digital Commerce and Marketing, Ravi Pal can guide you as to how to overcome these challenges, and more. Join us for the webinar and learn:

  • Important factors to weigh during your decision-making process
  • Development and implementation strategies for your current (and future) tech team
  • How SAP Hybris can positively shift the way your organization functions

Also, learn practical tips from the pro and get started with your own SAP Hybris Commerce implementation today.