Smart Integration to the Cloud

Enterprises are investing in cloud computing to manage their IT budgets more efficiently. Gartner predicts that the public cloud revenue for SaaS application service will be $73.6 billion in 2018, a 22% increase as compared to the previous years. This has led organizations to look for offerings that are specifically engineered to deliver their expected business outcomes.

The ease of adoption of cloud SaaS applications is promising greater flexibility and reduced cost to the business. At the same time due to the increase in adoption of SaaS applications, the information silos have increased which has created the need for integration across the cloud and enterprise. 

Join us for the webinar to learn how you can resolve your integration challenges. We will also help you with how to:

  1. Accelerate time to market and connect to SaaS applications in just minutes
  2. Free up IT resources to do more innovative, customer-focused work
  3. Improve and automate business processes via the sharing of data across applications
  4. Extend investments in legacy systems and applications