IoT & High Value Assets

Nigel Harley-01

In this co-presented webinar between Software AG and Kellton Tech, we look at how IoT can be used in a practical way on high-value machinery assets across many verticals. 

Using complementary IoT tech, connected assets can deliver predictive maintenance and condition monitoring on machines to deliver hugely useful insights. Hear about how Software AG and Kellton Tech enable delivery of IoT projects that drive massive and immediate ROI from High-Value Assets.

Key points to discuss:

  1. Connecting an asset using IoT has never been easier than today. 
  2. Software AG’s IoT Platform and Enterprise Integration enables companies to get business value from their existing and new high-value assets. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Streaming IoT data is easy
  • Analytics and decision making can be achieved at the edge, in the cloud or in their own infrastructure
  • Getting quick business value means starting now

Kellton Tech will discuss how we implemented such a solution for a global client with a presence across 130 countries, 

  • The client already had a versatile and promising product that was working well but they envisioned an IoT-based solution that could improve their offering and gain competitive advantage. They wanted to gain a "first mover" competitive advantage with something no-one had done before in the access management and control space.
  • To deliver a project that others had difficulty conceptualising, they engaged Kellton tech to be their end-to-end consulting and development partner for their complete digital transformation journey and shaped their vision into the Industry’s leading solution.

Learn how high-value connected assets can transform the way that information is analysed, maintenance and alerts are managed and massive ROI is achieved.