Leverage TDMS for Effective Testing and Significant Savings

Jul 13, 2016 posted by Sai Rolla under SAP

2_BANNERS-33.jpgAbout the Session

Providing current data for testing and development systems is necessary for efficient testing. Gone are the days where you would spend loads of hours struggling to provide production like data to testing and support teams.

SAP’s TDMS (Test Data Migration Server) is the perfect tool for companies looking to build a lean test environment or reduce the size of existing non-production environments.

Using TDMS to build your test environment gives you the ability to reduce the footprint on your infrastructure and also the ability to scramble sensitive data that should not be revealed to testers.

Join the webinar to learn how implementing TDMS can help achieve significant results. We will also discuss best practices and customer experiences.

Webinar Details

Speaker: Sai Rolla
Date:  July 13, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM CST (9:30 PM IST)
Duration: One Hour

No Registration Fee

Registration Closed


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