Web Based Application Enabling Business To Analyze & Visualization Of Data From Different Sources Using Mashzone

Interactive reporting of business-relevant data using mashups to gain quality insights for faster decision making.

Software AG’s Mashzone allows business users/IT team to create mashups easily with very short time after taking decision to analyze and visualize data. New enhanced features of Mashzone allows organizations to implement and amend Business dashboards, Interactive ways to showcase KPI, Benchmarking KPI, Process monitoring, Process analysis and Business reporting.

In this webinar, we will discuss & demonstrate about following
* Start with mashzone.
* Work with mashups and create mashups.
* Define data feeds and use of operators to calculate result data values.
* Assign data to dashbords.
* Components filtering and defining threshold.
* Interactive maps creation using mashzone.

Please join the ProSoft webinar to help you in understanding how Mashzone make your business visualization easier

Speaker: Sai Sudheer Vemulapalli