WEBINAR: Digital Transformation & Microservices

Dec 30, 2016 posted by Kellton Tech under Digital Transformation

Microservices represent the latest response to the challenge of building dynamic, scalable, and high-performance services and are already widely used in high-volume, mission critical applications, but as with any emerging concept the term “Microservices” is surrounded by a considerable amount of hype, and a lot of confusion. A growing number of organizations are discovering that while the promised benefits of microservices can be realized, it takes a considerable amount of planning and effort to effectively embrace the approach.

This webinar explains the role that Microservices can play in supporting organizations in the delivery of their digital strategies and highlights the benefits that a Microservices oriented approach can yield. The webinar looks at the impact that Microservices can have on your approach to application development, infrastructure management, and the deployment of new digital offerings. 

Speaker: Praveen K. Chhangani

Date: December 30, 2016 | Timings: 10 am to 11 am CST

Registration Closed

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