WebMethods 10.5 and WebMethods.io – What’s New and How You Can Get There

11:00 AM IST | 4 PM London 

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Software AG has released a powerful 10.5 version of their webMethods Hybrid Integration product in October last year. The highlight of this release is its API Management Framework, loaded with a broad set of capabilities, including API Microgateway, API App Mesh, API Hot Deployment, API Portal Enhancements, High-Speed Messaging, and In-Memory Catching. 

Around the same time, Software AG has also strengthened its Digital Business Platform using higher-quality cloud-centric advancements in the form of B2B as a service, DevOps Lifecycle across on-premises and cloud integration, and a range of new cloud connectors and IoT adapters. Extended support for OpenShift and Docker, covering a wide collection of Software AG products, has also been provisioned. These feature services have collectively been known as webMethods.io integration. 

Despite a few months after launch, most enterprises are still clueless about what webMethods 10.5 and webMethods.io integration platforms are and how they can facilitate growth in today’s hyperconnected, experience-driven economy. To help them find clarity and leverage the full potential of Software AG’s unique capabilities, we are conducting a webinar on Thursday, June 4th at 11:00 AM IST | 4 PM London, where our seasoned expert will share insights on: 

  • Significant features and enhancements in webMethods 10.5 release
  • API-first integration approach with microservices and App Mesh
  • B2B Cloud Integration powered by DevOps-led implementation model
  • The right time to modernize your integration platform
  • Kellton Tech’s approach to webMethods 10.5 Upgrade and webMethods.io integration

The webinar will be followed by a rewarding discussion on Kellton Tech’s webMethods modernization approach and upgrade methodologies that have successfully delivered enormous value to our clients and helped them scale ROIs, time after time. 

About Our Speaker

Ram Kanumuri, Vice President – Digital Integration, Kellton Tech

Ram Kanumuri is an enterprise integration specialist with versatile skills and a deft problem-solving approach. He has successfully empowered several customers with scalable integration solutions that helped them unlock new streams of value. Ram ventured into the space of digital integration more than a decade ago, and in his illustrious career, he has developed core-critical solutions for multiple industries, including retail, logistics, oil and gas, and utilities among more, while leveraging platforms from vendors like Software AG, MuleSoft, and IBM.