Leveraging Big Data and Analytics For Managing Large Projects

Feb 08, 2017 posted by Venkata Jogarao under SMAC, Business Intelligence

Leveraging big data and analytics to manage large projectsProject Management Practitioners find it a great advantage if there are tools and techniques, which enable them to sift through huge volume of project data to provide accurate and non-intuitive dependent analytical output, preferably in dashboard format. The ability to slice and dice these dashboards is another definite advantage.

The conventional methods in managing project issues such as cost deviation, schedule slippages, resource loading, what-if analysis of various permutations & combinations of project influencing factors are not an easy task, especially in large, globally diversified projects.

Recent advances in data processing techniques such as Big Data and Predictive Analytics offer much faster and accurate information processing capabilities along with multi-layer intelligent dashboards. These latest techniques enable project managers to take informed decisions.

Big Data is the ability to process large sets of different varieties of data in fuse at much faster pace. Traditional techniques cannot analyze data without compromising accuracy. Big Data is supported by HADOOP framework to processing multiple parameters of large data. Programming languages such as JAVA can be used to develop HADOOP frameworks.

Analytics - Statistical programming language "R" is very popular in developing predictive analytics engines. These engines, when they are fed project data, provide intelligent drill down dashboards.

Dashboards SAP BI/Oracle and OBIEE are popular front-end tools to develop dashboards, and SAP HANA / Oracle DB are back end data base engines.

I would like to share how Big Data and Analytics techniques can be leveraged in managing large projects.

This paper was selected for publishing on the website of Project Management National Conference, India 2016

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