SAP PI as Enterprise Service BUS(ESB) Reference Architecture

Jan 30, 2018 posted by Aamir Suhail under SAP

With a number of standards and network topologies influencing messaging scenarios in enterprise applications, businesses seek a solution that can enable mediation services across protocols. As a Certified SAP Gold Channel Partner, Kellton Tech has an expertise in deploying SAP PI as Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) reference architecture using multiple technology alternatives to facilitate required mediation. We offer complete support for multiple implementations within a unified schema, empowering the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to receive and transmit data and messages. The unique SAP PI bus offering helps enterprises in a number of ways:

  • Enable service consumer and provider to communicate with mediation among application services
  • Enable inter-connectivity among routing services, event services, and mediation services
  • Minimize point-to-point connections
  • Transfer data and protocols to the format understood by the consumers and the providers
  • Robust and speedy analysis of software changes across the application services framework

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