Making IoT Deliver Business Value


Why is IoT not delivering the value people are hoping it would?

Manufacturing organisations are tentatively embracing IoT and building Proof of Concepts or playing with trials of IoT software and hardware implementations in "the basement" - well away from the coalface of valuable business data.

From McKinsey & Company ".... companies are failing to capture value from 70 percent of their pilots. Moreover, the pilots are too slow. Some 85 percent of the companies surveyed spend more than one year in the pilot mode, while 28 percent spend more than two years."

In this joint webinar series with Software AG, we will discuss the lack of value realisation from the ongoing IoT and IIoT experiments and take a look at how to create new revenue streams using IoT and deliver real savings.

Key Takeaways:

  • The disconnect between the people doing the POCs/trials and the business/business case
  • Organisations are taking a "technology-first" approach rather than a business-oriented approach
  • Most of the noise is about connecting devices with IoT but companies are not connecting the IoT platform with the enterprise 
  • How do you move from an "experiment" to actually delivering data with real value?

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