Microsoft Azure Consulting

Kellton Tech has a robust Hybrid Cloud Solution for Microsoft Azure that is comprehensively rich in discovering new levels of entrepreneurial cloud capabilities.

Our Key Offerings 

Advanced Management

  • Troubleshooting & Resolution
  • Patching: OS, SQL Server
  • Data backup and recovery in Azure storage
  • Application troubleshooting support, deployment, and configuration

Migration Methodology

  • Assessment:
    • Analyze & identify
    • Consistency groups
    • Server component
    • Definition and Azure mapping
    • Define data transfer strategy
    • SLA alignment
  • Azure Environment Set Up
    • Active Directory, VPN Setup
    • Auto-provisioning Azure infrastructure
  • Migrate
    • Migration [AS-IS/UP-LEVEL/ REWRITE] using migration tools to reduce downtime
    • Cloud optimization
  • Test
    • Smoke Test, Functionality & Performance Testing
  • Go Live on Azure
    • Cutover from source to destination
  • Notification & Alerts
  • 24X7 monitoring of PaaS, IaaS, Application, and Data
  • AutoScale: Configuration and Management
  • Incident reporting : web Response, TimePhone, and email

Planning & Understanding: Understanding deployment architecture identifying and defining aspects to manage