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In an always-on world where customers are demanding, and business needs can’t wait, mobility is the lifeblood of digital enterprises. When you are fully mobile, you are faster, more efficient, and responsive to ever-evolving market needs than your next-door competition.
Kellton Tech is a leading global mobile app development company with a decade of experience in building advanced, custom-built solutions and helping customers become end-to-end connected and digitally smart workforces. We combine deep industry experience with cross-industry mobility experience to bring you solutions that facilitate business efficiency, seamless user engagement, and improved cost savings. Our team offers mobile app development services across a wide range of industries and platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows, while capitalizing on some of the best-known technological frameworks, including Java, React, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Angular, Apache Cordova, and Ionic among more. We specialize in integrating game-changing data-driven technologies such as AR/VR, AI and Machine Learning, and Blockchain that enable you to boost both security and user experiences.
SMEs and Fortune 500s have trusted our mobility solutions—from Android and iOS application development to mobile application design and consultation—to achieve omnichannel growth in the rapidly growing mobile ecosystem. If you’re looking to hire mobile app developers, we have the right expertise for you.


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Native App Development

iOS | Android

Hybrid App Development

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Progressive Web App Development

Combining Web & Mobile

Cross-Platform App Development

Blockchain | IoT | AI | ML

Native App Development

With the power and ubiquity of smartphones, global enterprises are in need of right mobile applications more than ever for scaling businesses faster and swiftly responding to customer needs.
Kellton Tech has unmatched expertise in native mobile app development services and builds high-performance solutions for Android (Java and Kotlin), iOS (Objective C to Swift), and Windows (C#/Visual Basic and XAML) platforms. We create bespoke, fully functional mobile apps while complying with the best development practices and testing methodologies to ensure seamless experiences and top-line growth. We are backed by leading-edge capabilities to manage multi-thread environments, build advanced algorithms, and provide architectural and technical leadership for developing core applications. Our specialization in building and integrating native apps has helped enterprises cut application onboarding time—from months to days.
Our services include:

Our services include:

  • Android and iOS App Strategy and Consulting

  • Android and iOS App UI/UX Design and Development

  • Android and iOS App QA and Testing

  • Android and iOS App Support, Maintenance, and Optimization

Hybrid App Development

Targeting prospective customers across all prominent platforms is important. But, creating different applications for different platforms can give enterprises crunch time. The answer lies in hybrid mobile app development. Hybrid apps are intuitive, lightweight, and highly configurable, meant to run seamlessly on any OS.
Kellton Tech’s team of mobile app developers is highly proficient in hybrid mobile apps—right from strategy, design, production to deployment—based on advanced frameworks, including Apache Cordova and Ionic. We do a competitive analysis so as to decide what features can/should be implemented and facilitate effective decision-making across the entire lifecycle of the project. All we aim for is a hybrid app that lives up to expectations and helps secure growth in the competitive mobile ecosystem. With our well-thought hybrid mobile app development strategies, enterprises have been able to improve ROI and cut development costs by over 40%.


Our services include:

  • Hybrid App Strategy and Consulting

  • Hybrid App Design and Development

  • Hybrid App Integration

  • Hybrid App QA and Testing

Progressive Web App Development

The business benefits of progressive web apps (PWAs) are apparent. They run efficiently across multiple platforms, offer the native feel to users, and fuel cost savings since content only needs to be created once.

Kellton Tech is a trusted PWA development company, enabling you to turn a new vision into reality, offer better experiences, and improve outcomes for all those you serve. We combine innovation and insights with our deep industry expertise to build PWAs that help you scale and achieve more. Our PWAs are handy, load faster, work offline, maximize user traction, offer a lower usage threshold, and help you save more. We specialize in React and Angular mobile app development and develop proven, market-ready solutions end to end.

Our Services include:

  • Progressive Web App Strategy and Consulting

  • Progressive Web App UI/UX Design and Development

  • Progressive Web App QA and Testing

  • Progressive Web App Support and Maintenance

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform and Hybrid applications are generally misconstrued as one. While hybrid apps have mobile application concepts, cross-platform applications, for the most part, are native.

Kellton Tech aims for cross-platform mobile app development that drives speed, efficiency, and user experience at scale. We are a recognized leader in building highly customizable and intuitive cross-platform apps based on some of the best-known frameworks such as Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, and Titanium. Our solutions ensure UI performance as fast as Native and help you deliver superior customer experiences across all devices. With our advanced cross-platform solutions, organizations have not only unlocked operational excellence across all mobile channels but also registered growth based on multiple benefits, such as enhanced user engagement, reduced turnaround time, and massive cost savings.


Our Services include:

  • Cross-Platform App Strategy and Consulting
  • Cross-Platform App UI/UX Design and Development
  • Cross-Platform App QA and Testing
  • Cross-Platform App Support and Maintenance

Native, Hybrid, Cross-Platform, or PWA?

Choose the Best Application for Your Business

Why Kellton Tech


Flexible Engagement Models

In case you are looking to hire mobile app developers, we offer flexible engagement models that best fit your needs. Besides, our competitive pricing enables you to save approximately 50% of the costs incurred on the in-house development of business applications.


Hire Dedicated Developers

Our in-house dedicated team is well-versed with the latest development techniques and delivers bespoke apps for every platform. Our market-ready apps developed by expert developers engage users on the go and improve outcomes for those served.


Lifecycle Management

We extend timely and cost-effective technical support across all stages of the application development cycle, including coding, design, deployment, testing, and maintenance.


IP Ownership

We adhere to standard industry protocols and protect the source code of your mobile app. We ensure confidentiality and follow the rules and regulations to develop your intellectual property.

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