Enterprise Solutions

Performance & Security Audit

Open source performance and security auditing helps enterprises gain visibility in license obligations related to their products and services. If your web application/platform is not delivering a high level of user experience, you need to conduct a thorough performance and security audit of your app/platform.

Kellton Tech has been helping enterprises, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, to identify issues in their platform that affects the performance and security features of their enterprise solution. In addition, our team of expert developers also recommend measures to fix these performance/ security related issues.

Our team runs scripts to monitor the application and identify pages delivering poor performance. In addition, these scripts also identify code sections or queries that hamper the application’s performance.

Our scripts can run efficiently with varying loads to improve the site’s scalability; you will also receive insights related to site performance, front-end deliverables, and functions your app performs.

Scrum Teams

Kellton Tech helps enterprises scale and accelerate their website/app development. A coordinated approach with your internal team allows our experts deliver world-class solutions. We help in continuous development of enterprise solutions, rapid prototyping of Java solutions, and automated QA testing of your application/website.  

Continuous Development

Kellton Tech delivers continuous development of open-source technologies in development of websites and portals for enterprises. Our dedicated team of experts understand our client’s needs to deliver high-quality solutions over a period of two week-sprints that include major bug fixes, feature enhancements, and integration of your website with new features.

E-Commerce solutions

Kellton Tech, with its proven expertise, is regarded a reliable technology consulting partner for implementing eCommerce solutions. Our rich expertise in driving business technology helps enterprises deliver scalable, secure, and high-performing online solutions to customers. In addition, enterprises are able to deliver rich customer experience, accurate real-time product information, and win customer loyalty.

UI/UX Solutions

Our UI/UX team focuses on delivering customer-centric website designs. Our designing experts understand the entire customer journey to deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple touchpoints. With the customer at the helm of our design, every minute detail is considered to deliver customer delight.

Front-end Audit

The usability of a website or application is considered critical for business success. Navigation delays are unacceptable and may result in a huge business loss. Hence, you should not ignore the front-end issues that are occuring in your application.

Kellton Tech helps enterprises identify issues related to slow response time of websites that hampers rendering speed of components and other usability issues which do not allow the user to navigate through your website/app.

QA Automation

To ensure rapid product development, it is critical for businesses to focus on QA Automation. Our QA Automation services like eliminating application failures and develop automated reports helps enterprises deliver a high quality product in less time without affecting the operating costs much. Our QA Automation system helps organizations reduce manual testing efforts and improves the overall performance of your application. We utilize industry-leading frameworks to eliminate human errors and ensure continuous integration of enterprise applications.