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PreactJS is hugely popular amongst the global developer community. Created by Jason Miller, it is renowned for its compatibility and small size footprints. More than anything, it is its speed and efficiency that sets it apart. PreactJS is very similar to ReactJS. It uses the same tools and techniques to create leading lightweight web apps and user interfaces. However, PreactJS creates them even faster and far more efficiently.

PreactJS is popular because it’s fast, portable and embeddable. What’s more, it includes additional performance features like customizable update batching, optional asynchronous rendering, DOM recycling and optimized event handling via Linked State. Preact's tiny footprint means you can take the powerful Virtual DOM Component paradigm to new places it couldn't otherwise go.

How we can help

Our teams of highly-experienced developers use this leading JavaScript library to build immersive, engaging and interactive user experiences. By working together, we can create high-performance, memory-efficient and closely compatible applications with React API.

We use only the fastest virtual DOM libraries and enterprise-grade preconfigured tools like CSS, Preact Router and Progressive Web App to develop fast and interactive apps for you. While writing front-end applications using PreactJS, we simplify the complex application components to make them more user-friendly. If this sounds good to you, then simply talk to us.

Kellton Tech’s Key PreactJS Offerings:

  • PreactJS Development services
  • PreactJS Consulting services
  • PreactJS Migration services

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Whatever business problem you have, we have the PreactJS Solution to help.