Kellton Tech Location-Based Promotion Platform

Kellton Tech Location-Based Promotion application is a white-label mobile application for customers of major retail, hotel, banking and restaurant chains. As soon as the user is in or around the store, s/he receives messages (via push notification rather than SMS) regarding currently running offers in the store. Additionally, the store owner can see how many members are in or around the store and broadcast the offers at will.

This application also has features such as "search stores, "view offers running at near-by stores," "loyalty program integration and "location-based pull /push offers". Location is determined using GPS, aGPS and Wi-Fi, making it local and fully functional even indoors. Moreover, push notifications for offers have the option to be sent to all users irrespective of location, thereby avoiding the issues presented by SMS.

DbyDx Location-Based Promotion addresses the need of store-owners to promote their offers with customers who are in or around the store and across the country.

Target Verticals

  •  Retail
  •  Hospitality & Entertainment
  •  Banking

  Supported Platforms

  • iPhone
  • Android Smart Phone
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Phone