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There are few more appropriately named terms in business than Big Data. Digital transformation has ensured that companies are now privy to more information than ever before. Having it is one thing, understanding and using it is another thing entirely. This is one thing many businesses are missing out on entirely. No matter how large, successful or international you are, there’s not a company in the world that couldn’t benefit from the collective intelligence of the data within its systems. In fact, if the median Fortune 1,000 business increased the usability of its data by just 10%, they’d see $2.01billion annual revenue growth.

As the #1 leader in analytics, SAP Business Analytics consists of a suite of solutions that allows you to gain the kinds of insights you and your business needs to thrive. Kellton Tech’s optimized business solutions range from SAP HANA Live for up-to-the-minute reporting, SAP Lumira for insightful and customizable infographics and dashboards and SAP Fiori for an effective mobile reporting component. Our team are here to help you navigate them all.

How we can help

SAP Business Analytics is a suite of agile, intelligent and visual business solutions with a number of different offerings. However, Kellton Tech are an experienced and trusted SAP Gold Partner who can work with you to work out which of them works best for you and your business. From dashboards and infographics, to comprehensive financial statements and operational metrics, we can give you knowledge with the ability to anticipate change and uncover new opportunities.

Not only are we an experienced SAP Gold Partner, we’re also among 5% of the global SAP partners who have met the rigorous standards for Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE) status. This accreditation, together with our extensive SAP Business Analytics gives us the tools to give you the tools to empower your employees with the right information at the right time.


  • You can intuitively explore and present your data to reveal new insights at a glance
  • You can confidently anticipate what comes next to drive better business outcomes
  • You can spend more time on analysis and less on data manipulation
  • You can unlock the power of your data without adding to your IT staff workload
  • SAP Business Objects is the premier business intelligence solution used worldwide
  • SAP Business Objects can be utilized by both large and small businesses
  • HANA is a state-of-the-art analytic solution for Big Data processing and reporting
  • HANA turns data into a complete and accurate picture of your business and customers
  • HANA Live simplifies business analytics at a data model and end user level
  • HANA Live allows you to create, view and share key information with stakeholders

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Whatever business problem you have, we have the SAP Business Analytics solution to help.