Software Development Process


Development Process at Kellton TechContinuous development, faster time to market, and excellent customer experience amidst market uncertainties are the top challenges that disruptive businesses face today. Our software product development services accelerate product development and increase business agility.

Our agile product development process comprises of several 12-weeks sprints to deliver error-free enterprise solutions. A combination of XP, Scrum, and Kanban methodologies gives the best of incremental and iterative approaches.  Strategic partnerships, clear communication, and transparency are the foundation of each of our software development projects.



With Kellton Tech, clients release software frequently and regularly to respond quickly to evolving business needs with quality, reliability, and predictability.

Example: For a Java development project, the CI/CD process is as shown in the image below.



Our DevOps platform is a cloud-hosted development environment for continuously testing, releasing as well as maintaining applications. It comprises of preconfigured tools, automation blueprints, test environments, best industry practices along with essential security features. Our platform helps increase speed of adoption and release to match your business needs and reduce the infrastructure costs.

Ideal DevOps Strategy for Enterprises

DevOps Key Strategy


Testing Processes @ Kellton Tech

Testing Processes at Kellton Tech