Amit Yadav

Amit Yadav - Vice President-Delivery

Amit Yadav is Vice President-Delivery at Kellton Tech. In his current role, Amit is in-charge of strategic management planning and oversees the overall service delivery operations for the company’s global digital business.

He is entrusted with the all-important responsibility of defining the delivery team structure and formulating strategies for effective pre-sales engagement with top industry executives to determine the organization’s core appeal to its customers.

Amit proactively involves himself in designing the research & training programs at Kellton Tech, so that the internal cross-functional teams can stay agile and tech-savvy. He nurtures new talent through his innate mentorship skills, turning them into successful leaders of the future.

A bachelor’s degree holder from the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow, Amit served several key leadership positions with well-known industry brands such as Infosys and Dark House IT Consulting, before finally joining Kellton Tech in 2015.

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