Brian J. Bokanyi

Brian J. Bokanyi - Chief Operating Officer

Brian is motivated by the desire to do right by his customers and his employees. He is a calculated risk-taker, with an uncanny ability to cut through the minutia, get to the heart of the problem and build the team and processes necessary to solve it.

Brian’s integrity and passion to do things the right way has gained him the loyalty of customers, employees and friends alike. He has over 23 years of experience in IT consulting, with a focus on SAP solutions. Prior to joining Kellton Tech, he spent 11 years as founder and CEO of Bokanyi Consulting, a Houston-based SAP Consulting firm that built its reputation on bringing the aforethought of “inaccessible” SAP solutions to the mid-market.

Brian brings that same passion, integrity, and customer focus to his role as COO of Kellton Tech, where he ensures that our team delivers timely, cutting-edge digital solutions that integrate seamlessly with the customers’ existing systems while being mindful of their budgetary constraints. He employs his business process optimization skills to continually assess and fine tunes Kellton Tech operations, ensuring that customers receive the high-quality solutions,

unparalleled service, and attention to detail that has been a trademark of Brian’s commitment to excellence.

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