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Jun 10, 2018 posted by Kellton Tech Media Team

Neeraj SharmaHow AR/VR drives the functioning of the AdTech Industry?

An article by Neeraj Sharma, Technical Lead, Kellton Tech

Publishing Date - AdTech Special March  2019 Edition, CIO Review, Page 8


Amit Smart POS: Moving from Point of Sales to Point of Experience and Satisfaction

An article by Amit Shrivastav, Project Manager, Kellton Tech

Publishing Date - Jan 2019 Edition, CIO Review, Page 8


Amit GroverDecoding the Rise of Digital Technologies in the Insurance Sector

An article by Amit Grover, AVP Pre-Sales, Kellton Tech

Publishing Date - Insurance Special December Edition 2018, CIO Review, Page 18-19


Sushil TripathiThe T Minus 10 of AI - Getting started with the AI journey

An article by Sushil Tripathi, AVP Technology, Kellton Tech

Publishing Date - July Edition 2018, CIO Review Page 32-33


Divya SharmaRealizing the Dominance of an Enterprise Document Management System

An article by Divya Sharma Quality Manager at Kellton Tech

Publishing Date: June 11 - 2018 Edition, CIO Review, Page 20


K SrinivasSmart Card Solutions

An article by K Srinivas Subramanyam, Solution Strategist and IT Architect, Kellton Tech, highlighting smart card and the promise of technology.

Publishing Date: June Edition, CIO Review, Page 31


Sanjay KaushikDemystify Testing in IoT

An article by Sanjay Kaushik, Manager – Quality Assurance, Kellton Tech, highlighting the how to exploit testing in IoT.

Publishing Date: May Edition, CIO Review, Page 22


Mahesh BukkaAdapt your Changing Business Roadmap with a Future Ready POS

An article by Mahesh Kumar Bukka, Vice President, Digital and Enterprise Solutions, Kellton Tech, highlighting how to choose POS system that meet your business goals and objectives.

Publishing Date: March Edition, CIO Review, Page 30


Nitin VermaThe Digital Insurer

An article by Nitin Verma, Sr. Vice President, Client Relationship and New Initiatives at Kellton Tech, highlighting the roadmap for enterprise-wide digital transformation of insurance companies.

Publishing Date: December Edition, CIO Review, Page 27

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