pattern is a reusable solution that includes a tested approach to solve a common architecture, design, or deployment task in a particular context.

In IIB v10 all Patterns and Samples are stored on GitHub i.e. we can only collect them if needed and any new ones will be published immediately as and when available.  This just makes things cleaner and easier thereby promoting solutions of sharing and collaborating with others. 

  • IBM Integration Bus patterns can be used to accelerate the development of integration solutions.
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User Interface refers to an interactive design of your app. It comprises of screen display, illuminating characters, look and feel, appearance, and overall presentation of your app. It complements the user experience of your app.

User Experience helps a company increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction through app usability. Your app must include several user-friendly and easily navigable features that optimizes your product/service and delivers a pleasurable customer experience.

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New Drupal Module by Kellton Tech

This module allows the site admin to grant and revoke permissions for a specific date.

The site admin must select which permissions must be provided / revoked to which role for a specific date interval.

This module enables site admins to select which permission to be granted on a specific date for a specific user role. This module is dependent on drupal cron run...Read more

Magento or Drupal for your eCommerce store
Do you own/want to launch an online store? Then, you need to take major decisions which will affect your company’s growth and revenue. You need to answer few questions before launching your ecommerce website.

  • What products will you showcase?
  • What pricing policy will you follow?
  • What kind of shipping services will you use?

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How Much Does An App Cost_KelltonTech
Wondering how much it costs to build an app? Two common factors business usually look for – high quality features at low prices. We know it pretty well, because we have enormous experience in developing mobile apps for established companies and startups as well.

However, to tell you the truth, the cost of developing a mobile app varies because it depends on a combination of several factors like app features, complexity level,...Read more

Merging Sub track with main track_Kelltontech
Making changes to business logic is common in IBM BPM. We often incorporate new rules or changes to business logic according to market demands and requirement changes.

To achieve this, we often create separate tracks within the process application without disturbing its current business logic. Once we complete testing all the changes, we merge the sub track with the main track and push for...Read more

Why Outsource IT_KelltonTech

IT outsourcing refers to a third-party IT services vendor performing in-house functions that saves money and time on operations and infrastructure; enterprises can dedicate their resources to other important and strategic business functions.

The main objective is to get best possible technology and service at lowest possible cost.

You should adopt IT outsourcing if you:

App or Web for your Startup_KelltonTech
The debate over popularity of mobile apps over mobile websites is an endless topic. No agreement of any sort has been reached yet. Who really wins? One expert believes that apps are dominating customer attraction; while others think apps are the major reason for decline in mobile sites.

Actually, we are wrong in pitting one against other, because both prove to be useful for modern enterprises. Additionally, both have...Read more

Avoid App Clutter_KelltonTech

The number of mobile apps is increasing every day and people can’t install every app on their mobile due to limited memory and performance problems.”

The following graph will give you a clear idea about the number of apps released every day. 

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Best Practices of SharePoint2013_KelltonTech

SharePoint2013 supports the classic model of SharePoint Solutions for customizing SharePoint. You can develop these solutions using supported templates in Visual Studio 2012. SharePoint2013 integrates with external applications through Web Services or custom service applications.

Types of SharePoint Solutions