msehat disrupting rural healthcare

A recent report by World Health Organization (WHO) profiled mSehat, one of Kellton Tech’s implementations, as a Case Study in mHealth worth noting and emulating. Titled Global diffusion of eHealth: Making universal health coverage achievable”, this report makes key observations on how digital technologies are being harnessed to make...Read more

The term “disruptive innovation” floods much of our contemporary business literature, though its usage is often far removed from its original intent. What then does it truly signify?

According to Professor Clayton Christensen, who first coined the term, disruptive innovation is something that “transforms a complicated, expensive product into one that is easier to use or is more affordable than the one most readily available.” Consequently, for an innovation to be categorized as “disruptive”, a principal criterion is not just the quantum of technological jump, but...Read more

Traditional security models no longer suffice in the new digital and API driven economy. APIs expose corporate data in very deliberate and thoughtful ways, but, as with any technology that involves enterprise data, security should always be a prime concern. How do you keep your customers' digital experiences as secure as your backend...Read more

Microservices represent the latest response to the challenge of building dynamic, scalable, and high-performance services and are already widely used in high-volume, mission critical applications, but as with any emerging concept the term “Microservices” is surrounded by a considerable amount of hype, and a lot of confusion. A growing number of organizations are discovering that while the promised benefits of microservices can be realized, it...Read more

The C-suite of an enterprise does not enjoy the monopoly in decision-making, thanks to digital disruption. The consumer is the future of every successful business nowadays.  
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Digital helps you remain agile

Experts have repeatedly said that enterprises must go digital and adopt new technologies to remain agile. A thriving business, commencing 2017, needs to embrace emerging technologies to stay ahead in the...Read more

The rapid increase in energy costs is forcing enterprises to look for smarter ways to manage energy. Energy suppliers have levied huge penalties on enterprises that are using inefficient assets or devices having low power factor. In addition, government is raising the bar for complying with energy standards and reducing carbon footprints.

Effective and smart energy management systems (EMS), integrated with...Read more

Why Businesses Must Use Social Media

Risks of not having a social media presence

  • Loss of credibility: Social media helps businesses build trust and credibility among their customers. Across several industries, enterprises are using LinkedIn to connect with other professionals and exchanging ideas for growth purposes. Prior to making a buying decision, customers browse through your
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The Mobile Surveillance Solution is an IP based surveillance camera solution, which proposes to use Android & iOS devices as IP cameras. This can be adapted to monitor events or incidents to accomplish the goal of remotely monitoring and managing the safety and security at any place any time.

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APIs are a big deal and they are getting bigger. Center of success of large companies are the APIs that links computing devices to the underlying platforms that power each business and that ties companies together behind the scene.

Each enterprise has an inventory of API either private or public. Their importance and usage has soared as Web, mobile, cloud and machine-to-machine technologies have matured and are widely used.

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Why Digital Transformation Should be your strategic priority

In every business cycle, new leaders are emerging within every vertical. The common element is their ability of embracing new technologies present on the horizon.

We are present in the Fourth Industrial Age, which urges enterprises to become digital-ready. Digital transformation streamlines business...Read more