Download Signout Sessions Module

Drupal allows users to sign in from multiple devices and via multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and mobile web browsers.

However, a user may forget to sign out from multiple devices and would like to access the site only from a single session. The new module in Drupal ‘signout sessions’ helps users work only on a single active session. 

Signout Sessions Module
This module allows site users to sign...Read more

GIT is an open source version control system that facilitates source code development by multiple software developers across time and location.

GIT helps resolve a number of issues that multi-developer projects regularly encounter, such as restoring previous working versions of source code, and conflicting versions of the same source code.

GIT is a Windows shell extension that allows you to access GIT repositories within Windows Explorer. Basically, any folder on your hard drive can be turned into an GIT folder and used to store a revision of an GIT repository with just a few...Read more

Download the schemadata module 


When apps are running on multiple servers, developers do not have access to the database. Visiting the database during development process may be tedious as all the tables will not appear in a single view. Hence, you need to search the required table with its title and conduct a search operation to view its details. 

New Drupal Module: schemadata

When we are working on local system then we can check database...Read more

IBM API Connect is a Comprehensive API Solution. It is an integrated creation, runtime, management, and security foundation for enterprise grade API’s and Microservices to power modern digital applications. 

In this webinar, Kellton Tech team will outline - 

  • API Management Concepts
  • IBM API Connect overview and features
  • Kellton Tech’s API Strategy with IBM API Connect

IBM API Connect 5.0

Speaker: Balajee Venna
Balajee Venna, Sr. Practice Manager Kellton Tech, technology leader and practitioner...Read more

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to the application of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in manufacturing.

Also known as Industrial Internet, it incorporates technologies such as big data and machine learning to harness sensor data.

The philosophy driving IIoT is that smart machines are accurate and consistent in capturing as well as communicating data. The collected information helps enterprises identify inefficiencies or problems quicker, and saves time, intelligence efforts, and money.  

Especially, in the manufacturing sector, IIoT has a great...Read more

The advent of e- learning has been beneficial to a number of students, ranging from those in kindergarten to college, and even to working professionals that take self-paced courses in their spare time.

The main challenge that e-learning addresses is to tap the potential of those that are geographically or economically separated from educational benefits. However, when it comes to defining the characteristics of successful of platforms, the answer is still a mixed bag.

There have been a number of innovative ideas to enhance and motivate students in the virtual...Read more

Download the Admin Content Notification Module 

Prior to this module, when Drupal users created new content on their Drupal site, they had to develop a custom notification informing the site admins about the added content. It would be through an email notification or a custom code.

Another alternative was to utilize the features of Drupal RULES, which is a very huge module and complex to understand.

About Rules (Drupal module)

The...Read more

 Mr. Venkata Jogarao Vallabhajosyula (Vice President - Delivery & PMO, Kellton Tech) presented a paper at the Project Management National Conference and won the award for Best Paper.

His paper is on the theme Strategic & Innovative Practices Portfolio, Programs & Project and the title is Smart Cities: Not a distant dream any more. Identify, Analyze & Mitigate show stoppers while...Read more

What do you think personal technology will look like a decade from now? Perhaps, no one can give an accurate answer. Even 10 years earlier nobody would have predicted that over a million would use a watch, which tells time along with reading text messages, giving weather updates, or tracking your fitness workouts. Exactly that’s what is happening nowadays, isn’t it?

Today, a wearable device as a technology is experiencing its infancy stage. With the not-so-popular reviews and ineffective sales of products such as Google Glass and the Apple Watch, consumers have concluded that...Read more

An e-wallet has two components – one for software and another for information. The in-built software secures and encrypts personal information and actual transaction details of the user. Normally, e-wallets are stored on client-side; easy maintenance and fully compatible with ecommerce sites. Common examples include Google Wallet, PayPal, Apple Pay etc. 

However, the major concern of customers is whether their personal data is secured by these e-wallet firms or not. Through this whitepaper, you will come to know what kinds of security measures you can adopt in order to secure your e...Read more