About Us

Continuing the quest for infinite possibilities with technology, Kellton Tech commits to empowering organizations with cutting-edge solutions. We offer holistic IT solutions, technical consulting, systems integration, and Enterprise solutions for over 200 clients worldwide, ranging from entry-level enterprises to Fortune 1000 companies. Many of the largest companies outsource their business needs to Kellton Tech, including leaders in retail, travel, e-commerce, education, hospitality, manufacturing, consumer goods, logistics, SCM, lifestyle, non-profits, and BFSI.

We, at Kellton Tech, understand that technology is never-settling. Our flagship product, KLGAMETM—Kellton Tech Location-based Gamification, Analytics, and rich Messaging Engine—encourages clients to seek disruptive opportunities and re-engineer the work culture to stay ahead of the curve. We study industry trends, continuously handle the changing market conditions, and employ a versatile approach to stay ahead of the competition.

The company is listed on India’s largest stock exchange BSE and NSE [Code: KELLTONTEC; BOM: 519602] and is ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI Level 5 certified. We have offices in India (Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Lucknow), the US (Cupertino, CA; McLean, VA; New Brunswick, NJ, Chicago) and Europe (Ireland, United Kingdom). 

Our Team

Kellton Tech’s diverse workforce of more than 1400 employees takes a keen interest in disruptive technologies. They are the key to delivering excellent customer service and industry-leading growth. 

Our employees’ diverse technical expertise and a proven track-record of delivering value to leading brands have helped us deliver transformative solutions. We collaborate with our clients to achieve a single mission—propel their business to the next level with our disruptive innovations.


Kellton Tech has formed an ecosystem of partners with market leaders and innovators. Together, we provide our clients innovative IT solutions that focus on enhancing the customer experience and decreasing operational costs—thereby freeing your time to focus on strategic initiatives.    

Awards and Recognitions

Kellton Tech has always stayed true to its image—of being one of the early adopters of technology. Year after year, we have achieved various awards and accolades for all the great work we do. This drives an inspiration in us to do better, go an extra mile, and excel.