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If the internet has brought people closer to each other, then the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought people closer to everyday objects. From fridges and car stereos, to watches and even toothbrushes, IoT allows devices to connect, talk and share information among themselves. While smart homes, wearable tech and connected cars are still quite niche areas, IoT has exploded in high footfall industries like airports, retail outlets, museums, conferences and hospitality destinations. At Kellton Tech, we’ve created a unique solution to help you light the fuse under your IoT offering.

KLGAME™ - Kellton Tech’s Location-based Gamification, Analytics and Rich Messaging Engine - is our unique IoT solution. By leveraging the power of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, we can help you deliver rich user experiences in a number of innovative ways, across various industries. Together, using big data analytics, we can help you better understand your users’ behaviors, movements and demographics so that we can take relevant actions to enhance their experience and your offering.

How we can help

KLGAME™ is our unique platform that sends text, audio and video notifications to your customers’ smartphones or wearable devices. Our IoT experts can help you utilize it to reward, inform or assist your users based on where they are in relation to your brand. This unprecedented level of customer engagement will not only enhance their experience with your brand, it will also help you build a better picture of your customer base. 

Our experts have integrated KLGAME™ throughout the travel, hospitality, retail, entertainment, healthcare, automobile and domestic sectors. A low-cost solution that delivers an extremely rich, personalized, customer experience, KLGAME™ is designed to be flexible, scalable and adaptable to whatever area it’s needed in. So, whatever your industry is, if you have customers, we can help you get to know them better.


  • Automated check-ins at hotels, airports or conferences
  • Wayfinding and crowd management in stadiums, airports, museums or retail stores
  • Customer-locating when restaurant tables are ready or airport flights are boarding
  • Location-based advertising, promotions and offers
  • Staff monitoring for security protocols and quality of service enhancement
  • Keyless entry, temperature control, in-room ordering and feedback gathering in hotels
  • Reporting of safety checks, failures and fuel levels in automobiles 
  • Automated attendance counting for concerts, conferences and stadium events
  • Dynamic and interactive guides for museum tours and experiences 
  • Goods locator and promotion pushes within supermarkets
  • Ambient condition monitoring, logistic and warehousing within food processing industry


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