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Energy and Utilities

Delivering a unique and proven service-delivery model

Smart utilities, smart customer experience management, smart energy management – technology is revolutionizing the energy and utilities sector. Thankfully, we have the smarts to help you handle it.

From proven methodologies to tested frameworks, our unique integrated service-delivery model is one of the most comprehensive and popular offerings in the industry. We have perfected it over years of working with the leading utility and energy companies across the globe. As a result, we now have extensive experience building effective solutions across enterprise applications, customer service and billing, asset management, front office operations, account management and order management, to name a few. We understand the challenges organizations face while adopting new technologies and new ways of working, so we don’t understand why you haven’t contacted us yet.

The benefits of our extensive experience:

  • We provide solutions to help you maximize the benefits of investing in smart grids
  • We leverage our digital expertise to provide best-in-class user experiences
  • We provide solutions that support rollouts of energy consumption and behavior analytics
  • We consult for large companies, retail consumers and multiservice municipalities
  • We provide cloud consulting services and seamlessly integrate them into your IT infrastructure
  • We have a strong network of security professionals to meet all compliance standards
  • We help you achieve your goals through process improvement and technology innovation

Since 2012,


smart meters have been installed across regions prone to tropical storms in the US, to provide greater visibility of outages.

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Whatever business problem you have, we have the energy and utilities solution to help.