When your data is everywhere, it’s nowhere.
We’re all guilty of it. The breakneck speed of modern business ensures that as soon as we receive information, we silo it from everything else. As technology continues to give us more information than ever before, our way of dealing with it is continuing to create a critical lack of connectivity. With over 20 years in digital transformation, Kellton Tech can help you fight fire with fire.

Kellton Tech Optima is proof that while technology gives us access to potentially overwhelming volumes of data, it also holds the key to creating a single, integrated digital platform that can empower organizations to make faster and more informed decisions with that data. By combining the power of IoT with the insight of AI, you can now collect and aggregate information from multiple sources and use it to provide effective, domain-driven analytics solutions for your operations management. Together, we can empower you to improve workflow, automate processes and enjoy real-time decision-making, that makes a real difference.

How we can help

The team behind Kellton Tech Optima have over 100 years of combined experience providing digitally transformative, IoT-powered, cost-effective Operation Management solutions right around the world. With a dedicated IoT lab and infrastructure behind them, they can help you aggregate and analyze huge amounts of unstructured data from multiple sources.

Kellton Tech Optima is a powerful platform that can help your organization look deep inside its many silos and learn how todays operations can help change tomorrow. Our highly-skilled team of certified implementation experts are here to help you bring operational efficiency to your business and deliver actionable insights that lead to big returns.


  • Fully configurable, customizable, extensible and secure
  • Enjoy increased accountability, traceability and auditability
  • Make informed decisions through AI-powered analytics
  • Engage customers across all channels and touchpoints
  • Get access anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • React quicker with simplified and accelerated processes
  • Create dashboards for various management levels
  • Set alerts and notifications so you don’t miss anything
  • Stay connected to your IoT devices 24/7

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Whatever business problem you have, we have the operations management solution to help.