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As systems and applications continue to build up, IT ecosystems become heterogeneous and complex. Reason. Enterprises have adopted new technology both quickly and completely, however, in the rush, the leaders have failed to notice the vulnerability—silos across applications, data, and processes. As a result, the new systems are functioning as standalones, which is resulting in a lack of 360-degree view of the business for customers, partners, and employees.

The clarion call, therefore, is connecting systems and applications over a unified service platform and enabling new, synchronized models of collaboration and efficiency. This is exactly where Digital Integration takes hold. By conjoining systems, processes, and data across the enterprise, Digital Integration facilitates unparalleled efficiency, innovation at speed, and connected digital experiences for customers. It eliminates bottlenecks to supply chain visibility and enables a consolidated, end-to-end view for intelligent planning and resource allocation. If you want to orchestrate your next competitive shift to the integrated digital, we’d be delighted to help you do just that.

Reimagining Enterprises in the Age of Connectivity

API Strategy and Management

We take an API-first and API-based integration approach to all interactions between applications within and outside the organization.


Business Integration

From MVP implementations to long-term multi-year engagements, we follow the full SDLC cycle for development and support multiple interfaces integrating endpoints


Business Process Excellence

We use high-quality analysis to help our clients design and implement automated business process and integrate human tasks into business workflows.


Business Analytics and Dashboarding

We collaborate with our client to deliver real-time analytics, business intelligence, and assist them with governance, risk, and compliance.


Business Support IT

Our solutions can help you lower the costs of maintaining existing applications, improve service quality, lower the risk of downtime, and improve end-user satisfaction.


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Digital Integration solutions and services by Kellton Tech are tailored to help enterprises grow sustainably and lead in the age of experience-driven economy. Our integration strategy, crafted in consultation with our seasoned experts and global thought leaders, is strongly focused on bridging gaps between your IT processes, data, systems, and applications. From strategy, implementation to testing and support, our experts have the proficiency to provide digital integration services and deliver efficiency gains across short, medium, and long-term business horizons. 

Kellton Tech is committed to accelerating digital transformation journeys by solving digital integration challenges that cover:

  • Micro to Macro-level integrations of CMS, ERP, WMS, and TMS applications
  • Moving Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) to API-centric architectures
  • Legacy EDI integrations across all formats
  • Migrations to B2B cloud platforms that support Agile DevOps-CI/CD and APIs
  • Full-scale integrations of Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) using cutting-edge, proprietary technologies
  • Middleware-based platform integrations
  • MFT, Analytics, AI, IoT, iPaaS, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Blockchain, and more.

Aiming to pivot enterprises towards a connected future, Kellton Tech uses innovative technologies, cutting-edge frameworks, components, processes, and proven practices that ensure faster and more secure implementation. If you’re looking to inspire new integrated behaviors across your enterprise and manage your digital forces at a velocity never imagined before, connect with our DI experts today. 

As one of the leading digital integration solutions providers, we help clients in the following ways:

  • Right from consultation, advisory to deployment and support, we offer end-to-end digital integration solutions and services
  • In partnership with renowned companies such as IBM, Software AG, SAP, MuleSoft, and more, we offer industry-grade, custom integration solutions and enable agile responsiveness to changing markets
  • Our engagement models—short-term, project-based, fixed cost, and time and material—are designed to offer optimum convenience to clients, as well as, help them save time and costs
  • Our experts use industry-grade business practices to modernize existing IT systems and build digital strategies for the future using the latest advances in technology
  • We deliver comprehensive, out-of-the-box Digital Integration solutions which can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud in comparatively less time.  

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