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Cryptocurrencies helped Blockchain gain traction primarily, but little did businesses know that the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) would be the most disruptive technology force in the digital age. Because blockchain significantly helps enhance the security, transparency, and traceability of data and business transactions, more and more businesses want to collaborate with Blockchain development consulting services companies and leverage the technology’s game-changing value. Among all the hype and rage around incorruptible ledgers, Bitcoins, Ethereum, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and more, businesses are turning to Blockchain to unlock new opportunities for propelling financial services.

Kellton Tech is a leading blockchain app development company in the US and the UK. We have enabled businesses across industry verticals—including eCommerce, banking, insurance, manufacturing, education, healthcare, real estate, and more—to explore blockchain business use cases and reap the underlying benefits. Right from helping businesses shift toward digital contracting to creating NFT marketplaces, we have the right expertise to transform your transactional business ecosystem with the breakthrough potential of blockchain technology and disrupt the market with full force.

How we can help

Collaborate with Kellton Tech to leverage our blockchain app development services and reinvent how data and business transactions are secured, processed, and verified.

We are a leading global digital transformation services provider, enabling companies to simplify the adoption of disruptive technology forces such as Blockchain.

We help businesses create audit trails; achieve efficiency and speed in data management; document the provenance of business assets; seek greater data immutability, forge transparent business models; practice cross-business data sharing; and more.

We help businesses deploy Blockchain to perform business-wide transactions in a secure and transparent environment. Harness Blockchain to optimize operational costs, reduce business overheads, and increase excellence.

Our Services:

Blockchain Application Development - Design, deploy and integrate custom blockchain solutions with agile innovation approaches.

Smart Contract Development - Build smart, autonomous contract architecture with the new-age, distributed ledger tech.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development -Create secure, simple, and compliant crypto-wallets backed by intelligent payment gateways. 

STO Development/Crypto-Token Development - Enable fundraising and security trading with utmost security, trust, and compliance. 

Dapps Development - Build custom decentralized apps and integrate them with the existing digital ecosystem. 

Blockchain Consulting - Identify business goals and build a strategic vision to explore possibilities with Blockchain. 

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